SIGMA28’s mission statement

Create the best volatility data and analytics that our market has ever seen.


Our value proposition

The highly specialized process of calculating, structuring and storing volatility data is outsourced to SIGMA28. You only consume the data that is required for that moment for a predetermined, set price. And are guaranteed a high quality data product with no hidden cost.

Our principles

  • We do what we say and we say what we do
  • We are transparant in our methods and processes
  • All client enquiries responded to within 24 hours
No exceptions.

powered by

SIGMA28’s data engines are fuelled by Morningstar Inc., a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. With operations in 27 countries and USD 157 billion in assets under management, Morningstar currently provides data on more than 422,000 investment offerings worldwide.


Mark van Beurden

At SIGMA28, we are committed to innovation. Better data governance. Faster data delivery. And an ongoing search for even better analytics for our clients. It is what we do best.

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SIGMA28's Founding Partners

Hans Corsten

We vowed to be the best in what we do. And with a humble sense of pride, we can say we now are. At the centre of the most exciting and promising market niche our industry has ever seen, we will make sure we keep delivering.

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SIGMA28 Headquarters

Kadoelenweg 227, 1035 NH Amsterdam,

The Netherlands

SIGMA28 has been in business since 2006

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